I came to Isfahan by a night bus from Tehran. It was really hard to find our bus at the Argentina bus station in Tehran, but about 5 Iranians gathered around us and were eager to help. The ticket cost me 1,220,000 rials ($2.44). The journey takes about 6.5 hours.

Isfahan is the third largest city by population in Iran. I liked it a lot more than Tehran because it’s smaller, more walkable and peaceful.

Fruit store

An Iranian rocket

A typical store

This shop sells concentrated lemon juice. I bought a litre (costs 600,000 rials ~ $1.20). At first I thought it was a refreshing lemon drink and took a huge sip. I almost died because of how sour it was. Later a person explained that you can use it in cooking or mix with it water and drink. I really enjoyed it.

Lemon juice

Street art

Si-o-se-pol Bridge (meaning the bridge of 33)

Book seller

The city surprised me with a car fire. Looking back, I was like a dumb tourist running around with a camera and laughing as if this was all a show that the locals organised. But somebody’s car actually burned down.

Car on fire

Busy street

Iran Insurance Co

Let’s explore Naqsh-e Jahan Square and it’s sites.

Imam Mosque

No swimming

Russian rubles are accepted

After exploring the mosques I recommend visiting the Azadegan Tea House nearby.

Hookah & tea place

The prices in Isfahan are a bit lower than in the capital. A good hotel costs $25 a night for a double room. A meal at a nice restaraunt costs $3-4.

One of the central squares has an odd communist (or even North Korean) vibe.

No problems

Anything written in Arabic script looks stunning for me.

Isfahan has a more modern and less crowded subway system than Tehran.


Notice the hole on the subway map which indicates your location.

Subway map

At night people hang out at Isfahan’s bridges. There was even a small party under one of them.


Isfahan has a nice bus station with a range of facilites, including hairdressers. While waiting for the bus I admired the glowing signs in Farsi.


Ticket booth

Let’s go to شیراز next, that is Shiraz.

Find the label for Shiraz

On the way