I visited two of the Canary islands flying from Naples to Lanzarote and back from Fuerteventura. The flights cost me €162.

Thank god I don’t collect and carry useless shit and all my stuff fits into Ryanair hand luggage dimensions. Remember, what you own ends up owning you. It was a 4 hour flight and bam, I’m on an island off the coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean.


Arrecife, the capital of Lanzarote, turned out to be a pretty boring place, where most of the people are locals. Nobody on the streets at night except giant tropical cockroaches. In the background you can see volcanoes. We’ll get there.

The city beach looks alluring and tropical, but it’s a mediocre place for swimming. It’s rocky and shallow.

The city architecture mostly looks soulless and bland.

The only nice building in Arrecife

However it is compensated by cheap beer.

Who the hell lives here??



The island has dozens hundreds of volcanoes. No life there, just volcanic wasteland. How unusual though. Sometimes feels like another planet.

Who the hell lives here??

I climbed volcanoes near Mancha Blanca & walked along their craters.

Find at least 2 people here


In the North of the island there’s a town called Famara, where surfers come to spend their holidays. It’s a dusty town but feels more authentic than any other place on the island.

Dusty town.

Costa Teguise

I saw this wrecked ship near Costa Teguise. Nothing else to see.

Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen is the main resort town in Lanzarote. The people you find here are called tourists. It has a nicely designed shopping centre.

Be careful: you might get trapped in Zara

Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca is another popular resort town. I liked the beaches here the most. Finally a good damn beach with sand and without rocks.

The good thing about Playa Blanca is that you can take a ferry to Fuerteventura. That’s what I did. The ferry costs a whopping €20.

Bye bye, Lanzarote