The second island I visited was Fuerteventura. It is not only more deserted than Lanzarote, it’s also more deserty.


Corralejo is the main resort town on the island.

Streets of Corralejo

The town is close to a big desert. I love that desert.

It was windy. But that’s kinda good because you don’t feel boiling in the sun. And I love the desert. So vast, empty with no one around. Seems endless when you walk over a dune just to find another one. Awesome. I felt like in a movie wandering there.

If you walk through the desert long enough, you may find yourself on the beach. Sometimes I walked an hour, sometimes two. But I eventually came to the sea. The blue water nicely contrasts the yellow sand. It’s a really big beach with wind and waves. Lots of surfers and kitesurfers in this place.

Lots of kitesurfers on the beach

I don’t get surfing. From my observations, they spend most of the time looking for waves, then they “catch” one, wobble on the board for half a minute and fall down. Doesn’t seem appealing to me. But maybe these were amateurs or the waves weren’t good that day. Whereas kitesurfing seems fun.

The beaches have round structures made from rocks that are used to hide from the wind.

If you walk from Corallejo along the coast to the East, you will find more deserted land, but not that deserty. Rather boring and lifeless.

Also, a beach with popcorn sand.

Weird place.

Puerto del Rosario

The capital of Fuerteventura is Puerto del Rosario. Came here on my way to the airport.

Let's go by bus

The town is soulless.

Bus station

The city is full of weird monuments and has a bottomless pit in the middle of the city (I want to speak to the supervisor).

A little bit nicer in the center.

Flag of Gran Canaria on the left and you know the rest

The beach is pretty decent for a city.

You can take a surfboard this big on the plane with you straight from the beach

Overall Fuerteventura is an island with unique nature: barren deserts, dunes and wonderful sandy beaches. Whereas the towns lack history, character and culture.