The streets in the center of the city are busy. People and vehicles often share the same road.

Narrow Italian streets.

People make the most of their balconies and hang clothes there. Sometimes they hang so low you can touch them.

On the street markets it smells like fish. It’s either from the fishy cigarettes or the seashells. Or, well, from the fish.

Some of the houses look old and dilapidated but are inhabited.

There is a square dedicated to Diego Maradona, who played for Napoli FC.

Naples is a dirty city with lots of trash especially when you look at the backstreets.

Please spot 3 pieces of trash

An improvised bin

Actual rubbish bins


Moscow Torpedo

But Napoli has nice places as well.

A square

Italian Carabinieri (like the police but cool)

A shopping mall

Piazza del Plebiscito

Fancy cars on the main square.