During my trip to Dubai, I visited the Expo 2020. The exhibition was originally intended to be held in 2020, but was postponed because of the pandemic.

Main entrance

There are 200 pavilions, mostly representing countries. I managed to visit 13 pavilions in a day. My ranking: Sustainability, Mobility, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Netherlands, Hungary, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Pakistan, DP World, Spain, Belgium and the UK.

Mobility pavilion

Mobility pavilion inside

There’s a lot of information to absorb. Country pavilions mostly tell you about the their technological achievements and future plans. For example, Russia tells you about the brain, Luxembourg tells you about it’s steel, Hungary tells you about thermal water and the UK, well, it doesn’t tell you anything really.

Would you follow the river in the Hungary pavilion?

I did and enjoyed it

Sustainable technology is a major topic. There’s a beautiful pavilion dedicated to it. I liked it the most.

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour

Just too much trash in the world

Along the way you can vote for what decisions to make concerning the environment. Here’s the scoreboard.

So difficult to agree on anything

In the Netherlands pavilion they give you an umbrella, which seemed as an omen for disaster for my camera. But actually there’s no water involved: a video is projected onto the umbrella.

Saudi Arabia was big. There was a hall which seemed like a party with illusions beyond my comprehension. It left me with the impression that the walls are moving.

Russia was dedicated to the creative mind and how creativity arises in the brain.

Really catchy building

There’s amazing architecture everywhere.

UAE pavilion

In the evening you become surrounded by projections and multi-coloured lights.

The big dome in the Expo's centre

Overall an astounding experience. You can potentially learn a lot or you can skim the pavilions and aesthetically appreciate them. The Expo is huge and I visited only 13/200 pavilions in a day. I wish I had the time to visit more pavilions and actually pay attention and learn more, but I left Dubai the next day.