When I went from Dolgoprudny to Dubai, the average net worth per capita decreased in both cities.

Dubai Marina. Nice fancy skyscrapers. Lots of Europeans.

The beach

I saw pretty big fish in the sea. It’s amazing that after building artificial islands and disrupting their home, the fish still stay here.

In the evening the views are even better.

On another day I went to Jumeirah.



Even on the beach you can hear prayers from the mosque.

There’s ongoing construction along the beach.

So deep

Construction on the left

Construction on the right

I came across this weird place that I can describe as liminal.

Jumeirah Street

The city is dominated by cars. It’s more similar to American cities, than European.

People playing cricket. Maybe they drive school buses and play cricket after work.

Another day, another swim at the beach.

Deep excavation

These skyscrapers look plastic. Most of them are situated on one highway. Essentially Dubai is just one highway surrounded by skyscrapers in the middle of the desert.

Wherever you go in Dubai, you’ll find these. But what’s the point of hookers if you don’t have blow?

Subway stations in Dubai are mostly the same and look like this inside.

Dubai has an old town called Al Seef.

Though it seems like most of it was built recently to resemble old buildings.



The buildings on the other side of the creek lure you with their lights.

You can go there for 1 AED on a nice authentic boat.

There weren’t any other white people on that boat.

After the ride you will find yourself in a district called Deira. It’s mostly inhabited by people from India.

I also went to the Expo. Check it out.