I came to Antalya by bus from Fethiye. The bus ride takes 4 hours and costs 170 TL.

Antalya has a convenient tram system.

Antalya streets

The ads on trams are rather Turkish.

Ad on Tram

Some of the trams run underground. For example at the bus station.

This is not the metro, it's the tram

Shopping centre


The beach is crowded. Antalya is situated on a cliff and to get to the sea and back you have to walk up and down.


There are more cliffs on the eastern side of Antalya and a waterfall somewhere. I decided to go there.


A nice place for a swim on the way. It was 38C.

Let's go for a swim

The waterfall is powerful, loud and fresh.

Powerful, loud, fresh

Don’t go over the edge.


The Hadrian’s Gate still functions after 2000 years and people walk through it.

Hadrian's Gate

Some parts of the city look pleasant.


Old town


The gate functions at night too.

Gate at night

Roofs, Russian concerts.


After 2 days in Antalya I’m going to the airport early in the morning.