I flew here from Tallinn for €34. At 1AM I was at the train station. The first train heading my way (to Naples) was at 5:30. It turns out that the main train station in the capital closes at night. Wow, what a country I guess. The streets seemed dodgy so I just hanged out near the station.

Lots of sketchy people here. They walk around and try to steal stuff from people lying in front of the station. I even saw them succeed. I think I was the whitest person in that place. One crazy man walked up to me and started shouting “Germania, Germania!”. My reaction was neutral and silent.


After a 6 hour train journey with a change in Naples (€25), I arrived in Scalea. The whole journey from Moscow took me almost 49 hours with just a few hours of sleep. Overall starting from Moscow the tickets cost me €112 one way.

Scalea is a small resort town in Calabria. Most of people who come here for vacation are Italians from more Northern parts of the country. Foreign visitors are mostly from Russian speaking countries.

Streets of Scalea

Mountain view

Sky blue house and regular blue sky

Take a closer look at the language


Let’s have a look at the beach. This one with rocks is my favourite.



One of Scalea’s symbols is Torre Talao: an old tower on a hill.

Another important landmark is Scalea’s old town with narrow streets.

View from the top

Another perspective

But I usually came there at night when I hanged out with my friends.

Be careful

People like red pepper in Calabria.

Sometimes the sea is stormy and it becomes dangerous and fun to swim.


Italian means of transportation


In Italy colours are more contrasting and saturated. The grass is actually greener here.

The best pizza I ate in Scalea was from a place with a very generic name “Pizzeria Napoletana”. Margherita is my favourite pizza (costs €4). Italians usually order it too and it seems like all the other pizzas are made for tourists. I ate a whole pizza almost every evening usually on the beach.


I stayed in Scalea for over a month. It was fun. Most of my friends have already left by the end of August and it was time for me to leave and go back to doing boring stuff.