I came here from Malta. The flight takes 2 hours and cost me €29. Unlike in Rome, buses to and from the airports run at night.

Coming from Malta with nice clean cities I immediately noticed the piles of trash and walls covered in graffiti, which is typical for big european cities. Compared to Rome or Naples, the streets feel safer at night.

The main symbol of Milan is the Duomo.

A shopping mall in Milan

A castle

People playing basketball and shouting “Mama mia”.

The train station

Milan has an actual China town.

Overall pretty boring big european city. I hate Milan and Milan hates me.

Ukrainians gather in front of the Duomo everyday at 8 PM with flags and organize a shitshow. I came up to them and said that I came here from Moscow and the reaction was neutral. I deleted all photos with anything Ukrainian before coming back to Russia.

Duomo at night

Not the Duomo at night

Someone lost their cat

Someone lost their smewfib

Milan has a nice metro system with 5 lines. A single ticket costs €2.

Some people say that Russian culture got completely cancelled, but that’s not quite true.