I have developed games for quite a long time. Out of all my games, I’m mostly proud about StarStorm. I would call it an action game. Basically it involves building your own solar system and protection it from asteroids.

Here’s a detailed description: Build your solar system, upgrade your planets and protect them from asteroids.

There are 10 ships with different strength, speed, agility, power and weaponry with unique effects and sounds. Your goal is to create your own solar system from a choice of 20 planets, protect them from cosmic threats and upgrade them. The arcade mode doesn’t involve building a solar system, you have to try to beat your high score. Defend your planets from threats and develop your Solar System!

Features: *Exciting action gameplay *Simulates real physics (e.g. gravity) *Challenging *High quality graphics and audio *Free *A choice of 10 spaceships *20 different planets which can be upgraded as you wish