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Have you ever sent a 🤣 with a completely straight face? My idea is to make an app to analyze your face and suggest a relevant emoji. Pressing a key combination will paste your face as an emoji. This will bring us closer to achieving the peak of human communication. We’ll call it Pasteface.

The deepface Python library lets us analyze a face for emotions. Just like this:

face_analysis = DeepFace.analyze(

It outputs percentages of the base emotions. Here’s an example of the output for my usual face:

'emotion': {
    'angry': 0.04853346908930689, 
    'disgust': 0.000273070281764376,
    'fear': 0.8516134694218636, 
    'happy': 0.15016489196568727,
    'sad': 0.6890629883855581, 
    'surprise': 0.08423920371569693,
    'neutral': 98.17611575126648

If you’re wondering what I am so afraid of all the time, the answer is simple: it’s ChatGPT.

In order to convert this output into emojis we need to come up with some sort of mapping. The conventional way to do this is either by NLP or labelling emojis manually. But I’ll assign this task to the almighty ChatGPT because that’s trendy and requires minimal effort.

Seems alright. The neutral emoji couldn’t possibly be more neutral.

Let’s gather more emojis.

Could’ve been more accurate, but we’ll take it.

Now we have 50+ emojis with their vectors so let’s fire everything up.

Loading the data and splitting emojis (keys) and their vectors (values):

data = np.recfromcsv('data.csv', delimiter=',')
columns = ['angry', 'disgust', 'fear', 'happy', 'sad', 'surprise', 'neutral']

keys = [d[0] for d in data]
values = [np.array(list(d)[1:]) for d in data]

The deepface output is converted into a vector and then the closest emoji is chosen:

vector = np.array([face['emotion'][col] * 0.01 for col in columns])
distances = np.linalg.norm(values - vector, axis=1)
output = keys[np.argsort(distances)[0]]

Simple as that.

After some more coding I made a Python app which pastes your face when pressing Ctrl+alt+F. Full code.

I also made a web demo Please make the 🦕 face. Warning: the web app may become unavailable or not work at times because it uses free services to host the API.

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